Re: Characters in range 128-159, incl.

Larry Masinter (
Thu, 26 Jan 95 19:59:13 EST

I said

>You could just mark the resulting documents as
> text/html; charset=windows-truetype
>and register "windows-truetype" as a character set. With the
>appropriate code translation/transliteration tables, other browsers
>might be able to deal with them, then.
and Stan replied:

> You are MIMEing me here, right? This is something I would do on the HTTP
> side rather than the HTML side??
> Stan Newton
> Newton Computing Solutions

Well, my response about "charset=windows-truetype" is a bit
tongue-in-cheek, but basically yes, I'm recommending using MIME to
characterize (so to speak) the character set used in the document.

Personally, I find the text in the SGML Handbook on character sets to
be very difficult to understand. While it might be that "the SGML
Handbook" is just not clear on the issue, I'm instead conjecturing
that the SGML facilities for dealing with multiple character sets is
weaker than MIME, and that we should ignore the SGML character set
mechanisms and use MIME's.