Re: New DTD (final version?)

Paul Grosso (
Sat, 28 Jan 95 12:29:23 EST

> From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
> Eric requested that the public text of the HTML spec be reformatted
> to less than 72 colums for RFC style constraints.
> I also included some changes to parameter entities that were
> recommended by ???

That was me--the DTD looks good at first glance, but I'll check some more.

> And I removed the bit in the SGML declaration about newlines and
> such. It's a nasty quirk that I don't want to write in stone.
> Would some of the SGML experts out there look over the SGML
> declaration? I think the capacities/quantities need some
> tweaking. Anybody who really knows about character set declarations is
> invited to look those over too. I'm still not clear on the distinction

I found the DTD, but I can't find the spec (and the SMGL declaration
seems to be only in the spec). I don't have a Web browser, but I can do
a "url_get" if someone can give me a URL for the spec.

(I emailed Dan, but received a "vacation" response saying that he
wouldn't be reading email for a week, so that's why I'm asking here.)


Paul Grosso
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