Re: New DTD (final version?)
Mon, 30 Jan 95 18:15:14 EST

Murray <murray@sco.COM> writes:
>Larry Masinter writes:
>> My main concern at this point is that the SGML declaration for
>> character sets in the HTML standard not get in the way of using
>> an external "charset" declaration to actually set up what the
>> character encoding of the document might be.
>Given that we are documenting "current practice", I'd have
>to say that you'll have to accept whatever you get.

It has already been pointed out that "current practice" is not limited to ASCII
or Latin-1; there are numerous documents in ISO-2022-JP, KOI-8 and others on the
Web, and the soon-to-be standard needs to acknowledge them.

>Using an external "charset" declaration is defined as
>"reserved" in the HTML 2.0 spec.

This needs to change. Larry Masinter's proposed changes (this list, 95/01/11)
need to be incorporated, with some modifications to remove the restriction to
Latin-1, which *does*not* represent current practice. What is the status of
this proposal? I have seen the updated DTD, but what about the rest of the HTML
2.0 draft?

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