Re: New DTD (final version?)

Larry Masinter (
Fri, 3 Feb 95 18:37:40 EST

> This needs to change. Larry Masinter's proposed changes (this list, 95/01/11)
> need to be incorporated, with some modifications to remove the restriction to
> Latin-1, which *does*not* represent current practice. What is the status of
> this proposal? I have seen the updated DTD, but what about the rest of the HTML
> 2.0 draft?

I sent the proposal as a response to what I thought was the task I
took on at the last IETF. I didn't propose any changes to the DTD,
because I didn't know enough to do so safely.

I intended that what I wrote wouldn't make any additional requirements
on either HTML writers or HTML interpreting applications, but rather,
give a way to describe current practice.

At this point, it's now up to the document editors, I think, to
integrate the proposed changes or reject them, if they aren't seen as
representing the consensus of the group.