Re: Forms and Tables

David - Morris (
Fri, 3 Feb 95 08:10:17 EST

I hope this is the place .... I've been planning to make a much less
elegant appeal with almost identical content. FORMs which contain
one or more tables are the only way I can conceive of using HTML
to achieve the kind of polished data base forms my client's product
achieves with their own user client. With amazing contortions,
a single browser on a single platform with a single font size, our
product produces a reasonably neat form. Not really satisfactory.

Of course it would help if *ANY* browser would faithfully honor the
<pre> tag. I would be happy to discuss my bug/feetchure list with
any interested browser developers off line.

I attempted to look and see if this already worked with arena but the
level I obtained is broken re. forms.

Dave Morris

On Fri, 3 Feb 1995, Eric Bina wrote:

> So I would like to have a discussion about how FORMs and TABLEs should
> interact, an issue not addressed in the current proposed HTML 3.0 spec.
> If this list is not a good forum for such a discussion, could someone
> point me to a better one?
> Basically, for maximum usefulness, I would like to see FORMs be able to
> both contain TABLEs, and be able to be contained within TABLEs.
> I know that database people are dying for tables, and once they have them
> I would hate for them to tell us they weren't usable.