Forms and Tables

Eric Bina (
Fri, 3 Feb 95 00:46:23 EST

So I would like to have a discussion about how FORMs and TABLEs should
interact, an issue not addressed in the current proposed HTML 3.0 spec.
If this list is not a good forum for such a discussion, could someone
point me to a better one?

Basically, for maximum usefulness, I would like to see FORMs be able to
both contain TABLEs, and be able to be contained within TABLEs.

For example, I would expect people to want a form, that has
within it a table of text input fields.

I can equally imagine a table where each row is an array of text entry
cells, with the rightmost cell being the submit button for that form.

I know that database people are dying for tables, and once they have them
I would hate for them to tell us they weren't usable.

Eric Bina