Re: HTML WG meeting at April IETF meeting

Roy T. Fielding (fielding@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Sat, 4 Feb 95 03:42:48 EST writes:

> Like Eric, I will be at the WWW conference in Darmstadt and therefore
> will not be able to attend the April IETF meeting. I suspect that
> this concatenation of WWW and markup-related conferences in the spring
> (there's a DSSSL WG meeting in late April and SGML Europe is in May)
> is hard on a lot of us folks who have families.
> Isn't it time to start thinking of HTML as WWW-related rather than
> IETF-related? Which would you rather miss, an IETF conference or a
> WWW conference?

It's a bit late to be thinking about that.
There are now (or soon will be) six WWW-related working groups under
the IETF umbrella: html, http, https (proposed), uri, iiir, and quis.
More if you consider MIME and rfc822 to be WWW-related.

The IETF conference dates are mostly-regular (generally the first week
of April, August, and December, but this year's Stockholm IETF is
two weeks early [July 17-21]). The WWW 94 conferences were nicely offset
from the IETF dates, but both WWW 95 conferences are right next to them
(WWW IV in Boston is scheduled for the week following the Dallas IETF).

I am not sure if this was by accident or by purpose, but I do know that
it's bad planning on the part of the organizers. This is not only
inconvenient for families -- how many of you want to spend two weeks
on the road just before the Winter holidays? -- it will also make it
difficult to get decent airfares and accommodations. And then there's
the notion of spending December in Boston. :(

Is it too late to move the WWW IV conference back to October or early
November (where it belongs)? Can the WWW Conference Organizers
out there please try to avoid this predicament in the future?

.....Roy Fielding ICS Grad Student, University of California, Irvine USA