Re: HTML WG meeting at April IETF meeting

Sat, 4 Feb 95 00:10:39 EST

[Eric Sink:]

> [ ... ]

> I think that a discussion at the April IETF would be worthwhile, but it is
> unfortunately being held the week before the WWW conference. I must
> confess that it will be very difficult for me to be at the IETF meeting.
> Neither my company nor my family are enthusiastic about the notion of me
> being out of town two weeks in a row. I suspect that others will be under
> similar constraints, and that attendance at the IETF HTML sessions may be
> rather weak.

Like Eric, I will be at the WWW conference in Darmstadt and therefore
will not be able to attend the April IETF meeting. I suspect that
this concatenation of WWW and markup-related conferences in the spring
(there's a DSSSL WG meeting in late April and SGML Europe is in May)
is hard on a lot of us folks who have families.

Isn't it time to start thinking of HTML as WWW-related rather than
IETF-related? Which would you rather miss, an IETF conference or a
WWW conference?


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