Re: Client-side imagemap I-D

Eric Miller (
Mon, 6 Feb 95 14:55:20 EST

> being counter intuitive to existing usage, Im having a hard time finding many
> uses for this. About the only use I can think of to apply this is some form

There are a great many uses of multi-click image maps. As I mentioned
before, interactions with image databases (e.g. geospatial) are but one of
many applications.

> "WHERE", "(", ")", table names, field names, etc). While this would be a
> very cool feature, just how would textual browers or gateways compensate for
> their inability to 'click to compose'?? I think that this new idea should be
> left out of client side ISMAPs (but it could become its own proposal).

Good point. ISMAPS are currently problematic with respect to textual
browsers. Multi-event ISMAPS would not be any more or less kind.
Mandatory ALT tags for all ISMAPS (regardless of kind) would be my only

> Also, theres nothing that says you could not use this extension inside a FORM
> as it stands.

Agreed, and this is indeed what I am proposing. The ability to perform
a multiple event on ISMAP while wrapped in a FORM has the potential
for a powerful tool for both interface design and database query. The ability
to allow users to define areas of interest are equally (of not more)
important than those of the image provider. Additionally,
it would seem that this capability has a finite set of operations.
My experience in 12083 SGML math and tables would reflect that there is no
real "end" with respect to design and HTML implementation. We can define
important milestones, but infinite generalizations are much more difficult.
The combination of ISMAP and FORMS does seem to have an end,
and that this "end" would be an attractive quality for an addition.
Considering minimum modifications to the HTML spec coupled with maximum
benefit for the least amount of effort; I would encourage this.

eric miller OCLC, Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Dept. of Geography, The Ohio State University