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Tue, 7 Feb 95 00:10:32 EST


I've been following this list for almost a month now, doing
research on the future of HTML for a fourth-year data communication

My paper concerns the future of HTML and the WWW, and
my key question is: will the increased commercialization of Web
browsers cause a devolution of the HTML standard? (One example
of this is Netscape's introduction of the <blink> tag).
A secondary question is: are current debates over the future of
HTML focussing on technical limitations of the software or getting
people to agree upon common protocols? (From what I've read, I
suspect it's the latter).

To research these questions, I'd like to interview (via e-mail)
those of you who would like to volunteer your professional opinions;
as I don't want to take up any more of the space or time of the
working group mailing list, please contact me directly at I don't intend to broadcast another message
via your list unless its efficiency outweighs its intrusion.

Thanks for your time. I know there are other places where these topics
are speculated, but I prefer to get the best information I can for
research. As your group is directly involved in creating the future
of HTML, I presume this is the best place to solicit informed
opinions (although I will be contacting Netscape et al, as well).
(I should also say this is purely an undergraduate paper; should there
be any opportunity for publishing it, I'll ask for people's
permission before printing their opinions, and edit accordingly).

Thanks very much for your time,


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David Bigsby (
University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada