Re: Tables: what can go in a cell (part 1)

Gavin Nicol (
Mon, 6 Feb 95 23:13:24 EST

>interest). HTML 2.0 documents readily render in a linear fashion, but
>indefinite levels of nesting within tables can cause some not-so-minor
>headaches in resolving just how large a given cell will be and what impact
>that will have on its associated row and column and formatting for all the
>affected cells. (I speak as someone who spent many, _many_ hours debugging
>table-resizing behavior.)

Some (many) of us consider the linearity of HTML to be one it's
greatest flaws.

Nested tables are very, very useful. While they introduce certain
rendering requirements, these requirements are much the same for any
structure that allows nesting.

Pop quiz. What's the difference between columns, tables, and lists, in
an online browser?