Re: Tables: what can go in a cell (part 1)

Eric Bina (
Tue, 7 Feb 95 20:31:32 EST

Well, I am certainly an advocate of putting anything in table cells.
I do feel they should be complete sub-documents.

The one exception (which is giving me fits) is forms. Nested forms really
don't make much sense, and I want/need to have a single form span multiple
table cells.

I worry that the functionality I want cannot be legally implemented
in SGML. (see my previous note on this topic for more detail).

Is it legal to have rules that say?

1) TD and TH can only occur inside TABLE
2) Any of TABLE, TD, and TH can occur inside FORM.


<TR><TD><INPUT name=val1></TD><TD><INPUT name=val2></TD></TR>
<TR><TD colspan=2>This is a cell inside a form</TD></TR>

Would be legal, but:

<INPUT name=val1><BR>
<INPUT name=val2><BR>
<TD>This is a cell inside a form</TD>

Would be illegal.