Re: Tables: what can go in a cell (part 1)

Paul Burchard (
Tue, 7 Feb 95 23:34:29 EST

Eric Bina <> writes:
> <TR><TH>h1</TH><TH>h2</TH></TR>
> <FORM>
> <TR><TD><INPUT name=val1></TD><TD><INPUT name=val2></TD></TR>
> <TR><TD colspan=2>This is a cell inside a form</TD></TR>
> </FORM>
> </TABLE>

Why not take this heretical TABLE-content to its SGMLogical
conclusion, and turn TABLE into a general alignment control? FORMs
aren't the only situtation in which this would be useful, and once
you allow <FORM> in <TABLE> you are essentially opening up <TABLE> to
arbitrary %body.content anyway.

For example, you could use this to align all your equations and
equation numbers with each other like this:

Here is the first equation:
<TR><TD> <MATH>E = m c^2^</MATH> <TD>(1)</TR>
and here is the second equation, aligned with the first:
<TR><TD> <MATH>x^n^ + y^n^ = z^n^</MATH> <TD>(2)</TR>
What do you think of that?

TR would still have a strict content model of (%cell)*.

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