Re: Client-Side Image Maps

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 9 Feb 95 07:58:52 EST

Why do we need yet another mechanism for client-side image maps?

IMHO we don't. But can I make a plea for some parseability:

a. <A HREF="about_us.html" SHAPE="circle 50,50,40">About our company</A>

b. <AREA SHAPE=CIRCLE COORDS="50,50,40" HREF="about_us.html"
ALT="About our company">

As far as the _attributes_ are concerned, I would _much_ rather see
the shape is held separately from the coordinates. In other words, we
should have:

<A HREF="about_us.html" SHAPE="circle" coords="50,50,40">About
our company</A>

Does this imply any missing functionality?