Re: Client-Side Image Maps

CN=Bruce Kahn/O=Iris@IRIS (iris!CN=Bruce_Kahn/
Thu, 9 Feb 95 14:13:45 EST

On Feb 9, Dave Raggett wrote:
> What additional benefits are gained with the MAP/AREA elements?

Well, offhand Id say the ability to 'share' common maps among multiple images
on the same page or even between multiple pages. While the example Dave gave
makes it appear that MAP/AREA elements are 'bulky' or cumbersome, I think the
ability to have centralized or common links is very useful. Is there any way
to achieve this w/HTML 3.0 (I admit I havent really dug into the HTML 3.0
spec yet)?

I do however like the ability Dave showed of having associated text that is
_also_ hot (the list items). This would require more HTML 2.x in conjunction
with the MAP/AREA (but its not impossible to do).