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Fri, 17 Feb 95 11:17:49 EST

In message <>, Pris Sears writes:
>My question is kind of tangental to this idea

It's tangential, at best, to this list too, but since the www-talk
and www-html lists appear to be down...

> - is there any mechanism in
>place for automatically printing the URL as a header or footer when a user
>prints out a page they find on the web?

In practice: there are two such mechanisms: the -listrefs option
on the CERN linemode browser[1], and some LaTeX macros[2] for use
with the LaTeX2HTML tools[3].

In theory, this should be available in all web printing systems. In
fact, this in Engelbart's list of requirements for an open hypertext

Hard-Copy Print Options to Show Address of Objects and Address
Specification of Links
so that, besides online workers being able to follow a link-citation
path (manually, or via an automatic link jump), people working with
associated hard copy can read and interpret the link-citation, and
follow the indicated path to the cited object in the designated
hard-copy document.

Also, suppose that a hard-copy worker wants to have a link to a
given object established in the online file. By visual inspection of the
hard copy, he should be able to determine a valid address path to
that object and for instance hand-write an appropriate link
specification for later online entry, or dicatate it over a phone to a

> I bring this up because it has
>happened to me - I find a great place that has reference material I want to
>share with other people, but I have to hand-write the URL on the printed
>copy, copy the whole thing to some text editor and copy and paste the URL
>into it before printing, or just print it out without documenting the URL
>and when someone asks me a month later "That's a really useful resource,
>where did it come from?" I have long forgotten where I found it and end up
>wasting time searching for it. Maybe this would be more appropriate as an
>on/off switch in a browser? Thanks for your kind attention!



[3] All About LaTeX2HTML

Nikos Drakos,
Computer Based Learning Unit,
University of Leeds.

Mon Jan 30 14:10:15 GMT 1995

[4] excerpt from
"Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an Open Hyperdocument System"
by Douglas Engelbart.