URL auto-print?

Pris Sears (sears@vt.edu)
Thu, 16 Feb 95 17:45:43 EST

Evan Kirshenbaum <evan@hplerk.hpl.hp.com> wrote:

13) This may be opening up a can of worms, but it may be useful to
> have elements which are only included if displaying or if
> printing. (Currently the notion that what you see on the screen
> is what you see on the paper often leads to loss of information
> when a page is printed.)

My question is kind of tangental to this idea - is there any mechanism in
place for automatically printing the URL as a header or footer when a user
prints out a page they find on the web? I bring this up because it has
happened to me - I find a great place that has reference material I want to
share with other people, but I have to hand-write the URL on the printed
copy, copy the whole thing to some text editor and copy and paste the URL
into it before printing, or just print it out without documenting the URL
and when someone asks me a month later "That's a really useful resource,
where did it come from?" I have long forgotten where I found it and end up
wasting time searching for it. Maybe this would be more appropriate as an
on/off switch in a browser? Thanks for your kind attention!

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