Re: DSSL-Lite (was Red: URL auto-print?)

James D Mason (
Fri, 17 Feb 95 16:16:28 EST

DSSSL-Lite is an application of ISO/IEC DIS 10179.2, DSSSL.

DSSSL has just survived its second DIS ballot and is awaiting the disposition
of comments and the accompanying editing process, leading to publication as a
final ISO/IEC standard in early summer.

The primary source of information on DSSSL Lite is Steve Pepper's page at the
URL listed (

Sources for DIS 10179.2 itself are at
(=; these include the full
SGML source and PostScript and PDF output.

The DSSSL information page is on James Clark's machine,

It appears that DSSSL and HyTime will evolve towards a common SGML tree model,
and HyTime will be able to employ a revision of the DSSSL query language,
expressed as architectural forms. DSSSL-Lite will be refined after DSSSL
itself is published.

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