Re: <BR align=xxx>

M. Hedlund (
Wed, 1 Mar 95 19:10:40 EST

+--- Peter Flynn wrote:
+ It would seem logical, Captain, that an ALIGN in a <br> should affect
+ the text following it, up to the end of the current element, or the
+ next <br> if there be one (this syntax is catching :-)

+--- Lou Montulli replied:
+ If the objective of this group is to make HTML as obscure and hard
+ to understand as possible, then I would say that this use of the <BR>
+ tag goes a long way to further that goal. If on the other hand we intend
+ to produce a syntax that makes some sense and will actually be used
+ by the general public, we should not even consider adding an ALIGN
+ attribute to the <BR> tag since figureing out which text the tag will
+ actually effect will always be in question.

What Lou said. <br> should mean, "Stop whatever you're doing," not,
"Start doing this other thing." If <br> must imply some meaning for text
beyond the break, make it a container, as someone earlier suggested.
It's confusing to have non-containers that are to act on a contained body
of text (e.g., "up to the end of the current element or next <br>").

The only attributes I can see for <br> might be "type" attributes, i.e.,
linefeed, linebreak, pagebreak.

M. Hedlund <>