Re: The remaining issues list

Eric W. Sink (
Wed, 22 Mar 95 09:05:19 EST

>May we hear from the chair?

The chair was on vacation last week and is still catching up. Nonetheless,
the issues summary is a good idea -- thanks Lee.

I think it's reasonable to ask ourselves, "Where do we go from here?".
HTML 2.0 is in the Last Call before it gets an RFC number. Once we resolve
a minor issue or two (sigh, I thought we settled that charset thing a LONG
time ago...), we'll be RFC xxxx.

Dave Raggett has been working hard on HTML 3.0. Unfortunately, the
proposal is an enormous change from 2.0, and I believe it will take quite a
bit of time to sort out everything on the open issues list.

Do we still want to do a 2.1? What timeframe?

What is our goal timeframe for completion of HTML 3.0? Where might we
prune the specification, in order to get it done more quickly?

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