Re: The remaining issues list

Terry Allen (
Wed, 22 Mar 95 11:19:58 EST

Dave writes re colspec in tables:
>The latest version of the HTML 3.0 proposal attempts to satisfy many of
the concerns raised in the SGML Open recommendations. I have retained
the COLSPEC attribute after improvements (see below) as I feel this
much more concise, easier to read, and provides the same expressive power
as the sequence of <COLSPEC> elements suggested by the SGML Open team.

But the issue here is compatibility with CALS, which enables easier
interchange, conversion, and use of existing tools. As colspec-as-element
"provides the same expressive power," and table markup of the type
under consideration is not for the fainthearted anyway, the argument
from concision and ease of reading (the latter I would dispute) seems
kinda weak.


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