Table Experience / examples

David - Morris (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 02:45:25 EST

In an effort to evaluate both the table proposal and the state of the
NCSA and Netscape browsers I have taken three typical forms generated
by my application and and converted then into tables.

All in all I was quite pleased. The general form
<tr><td><input ....
worked as I've been hoping. I used netscapeX, netscapeWin, NCSAX and
NCSAWIN in my evaluation and as far as I could tell, COLSPEC isn't
supported yet. There is other breakage which I would expect in early beta

I didn't find any required function missing from the table specification
so I think the proposal is pretty solid. I say go for it ASAP.

I would invite anyone interested at looking at some real experience to
take a peek:
the initial page lists the three forms examples as well as a bunch of
examples I've almost completed to use as reference points when documenting
the many bugs I've found in various browsers (peek there if you wish).
As mentioned, these pages are hand crafted versions of forms generated
by the ARWeb product. If you want to compare with the real thing, our
beta product is also available but a login ID and password is required.
The above page tells briefly the relationship with the ARWeb/AR System
forms. Contact me at as we are willing to provide
anyone associated with this working group or browser development with
login access. The ARWeb product is a web gateway to Remedy Corp's
AR System. Once logged in you have access to the AR System's set of
demo schemas.

Dave Morris