Re: proposal for a new html tag

Mike McCool (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 03:11:48 EST

David - Morris ( wrote:
: On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Liam Relihan wrote:
: > If we are only interested in folding as a means to allow readers to skim
: > through text and selectively reveal interesting bits, then this just
: > requires a new tag in HTML and browsers that will fold/unfold text in
: > response to this tag.
: I think folding provides a nice intersection between two objectives ...
: that of helping the user cope with information AND by helping the user
: implicitly request less information up front reduce/manage network
: traffic. Serving the user and network with the same feature!

I fully agree. We already implemented something similar for our server
manager using CGI and a file on the server, but we'd much rather do it
through the browser.

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