Re: proposal for a new html tag

Bert Bos (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 14:00:50 EST

Christian Mogensen:
|Say - could this be implemented as a browser feature using the
|CLASS or ROLE attribute on a <DIV> tag? Same thing on a <UL> or <OL>
|or <DL> of course, and the there are the <Hn>s - ok generalize it:
|any (container?) tag could potentially be an outline element.
|This could also be controlled through stylesheets... I think folding/
|unfolding outline levels is a browser rendering feature, not something
|that requires net tags. It needs a well defined ROLE or CLASS or
|something, but that should suffice.

|Exactly. This is what I understood to be the purpose of DIV (and the
|CLASS attribute in general): use the CLASS attribute to trigger al
|kinds of formatting. After all, folding is not structural, it's a
|layout style.
|In my style sheet proposal there is a property called "minimized",
|that can be applied to any element (see

Gavin Nicol:
|Wouldn't a generalised "hide" property be more useful? Folding
|could be accomplished by hiding all the children on the DIV element
|(or whatever).

Both "hide" and "minimized" are needed. For example, <HEAD> gets the
"hide" property, because its contents are never displayed. <FIG> also
has the "hide" property. But "minimized" means that the text *is*
displayed, namely in the form of a button.

Of course, you could unfold elements by removing "hide" properties
from the style sheet. But how would the user know what part of the
style sheet to modify?


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