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Terry Allen (
Sun, 26 Mar 95 18:41:05 EST

Christian Mogensen writes:
| Jon_Bosak@Novell.COM writes:
| >So if the sentence immediately preceding the <table> tag is
| > ... the command to format a diskette is FORMAT A: /U.
| >(where "FORMAT A: /U" is in monospaced Courier but the rest is in
| >proportionally spaced Times) then "em" in the table that follows means
| >the em of the Courier font. But if I change my mind and edit the
| >sentence to read
| > ... the command FORMAT A: /U can be used to format a diskette.
| >then "em" in the table that follows is now suddenly the em of the
| >Times font.
| Well, no: since you would then be mixing charcter markup with paragraph
| marks. i.e. there is an implied </P> after the full stop in the sentence,
| before the <table> (Right?) Hence the character set should default to the
| page default.

But the situation is not always so clear. Any element that will allow
the inclusion of %block or %flow may include a TABLE (as P really ought
to do in a fuller DTD). So you can't count on defaulting to the page-level
font size. I think Jon, Yuri, and Paul have nailed this one.

Folks, there's a lot of experience with rendering SGML tables of the sort
proposed here. Please listen to it.

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