Re: new HTML tags

Joe English (
Thu, 30 Mar 95 15:58:57 EST (Philip Trauring) wrote:

> If I would like to propose new HTML tags that I think are very important,
> how do I go about it?

Dan Connolly suggested (sorry, lost the original message-ID)
that one should list:

* a statement of the problem as you see it

* a proposed solution

* a demonstration that this solution is globally cost-effective
without being locally prohibitive (For example, if
you require every information provider to do something, it
had better be minimal.)

+ Changes to DTD
+ Impact on existing documents
+ Impact on existing browsers & tools

* a discussion of graceful deployment and interoperability issues.

To that I would add:

Review the html-wg and www-html mailing list archives first,
to see if anything similar has been proposed before:


Obtain a thorough knowledge of SGML :-)

Post a message to <> to start the
discussion; once you have all the details worked out,
submit a proposal to <>.

If you have written a browser, implement the
new feature(s) as a proof-of-concept.

--Joe English