Re: HTML table model suggestion

Terry Allen (
Thu, 30 Mar 95 16:42:03 EST

Bert Bos writes:
| Dave Raggett writes:
| |Paul Grosso wants us to drop a simple format string in favor of
| |a much lengthier way of specifying exactly the same information.
| |For instance:

of course Paul suggests this because it's the current CALS design, not
the best of all possible designs.

| |Given, that the philosophy of HTML is to keep it simple, and that

and let me point out that simplicity is not the only desideratum;
useability is another, and as has been pointed out, there are CALS
tools aplenty.

[ ... ]

| I agree with Dave here:
| - TGROUP and TBODY seem rather redundant. If tables are related, we
| can always put <DIV>..</DIV> around them.

DIV will be uselessly overloaded very quickly. There *is* more
redundancy in the CALS design. Actually, I would want THEAD in
there too, and it could be made doubly omissible, too.

| - Dave's COLSPEC is both more compact and easier readable.

but not by much; I'll take isomorphism with an established model over
this degree of more-compactness.

| - It is useful to distinguish between TH and TD (and easier for the
| style sheet writer).

Absolutely. That's why I'd want THEAD.

[ ...]

| - Using a CLASS attribute to mark a row as header/footer seems
| better than introducing new elements; it simplifies the parser but
| still allows a style sheet to render the row differently.

But once you introduce CLASS, there *will* be usage so widely
varying that you'll never get interoperability out of it. If
you ever want THEAD now's the time to introduce the necessary
structure at the element definition level.

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