Re: HTML table model suggestion

Bernie J Scholz (
Fri, 31 Mar 95 10:32:22 EST

Daniel Glazman writes:

>Hmmm. THis argument is not valid is you use a SGML editor for authoring.
>In that case, you don't see the structure; only the software has to deal with
Not if I am using a tool like InContext (with the Excel table editor feature

>Are you sure such a definition won't be proposed soon ??? I am quite
>certain that pages will be a subject of discussion in the next months.
One can never be sure of anything ;-) You may very well be right on this;
however my feeling on pages in an electronic medium is that they are an
artificial holdover from the paper paradigm and really have no meaning.

Murray Maloney writes:

> There is nothing in the spec -- or anywhere else -- that says
> that the use of HTML is limited to online browsers. I can
> cite two uses of HTML which do have a definition of a page:
> the ICADD applications which convert HTML into Braille and large print,
> and SCO's online documentation system which allows users to
> print out whole chapters -- a collection of nodes -- can both
> make use of table heads and feet.
Ok, Ok, I change my view then that HTML is a markup for strictly electronic

Daniel Glazman writes:

>More seriously, do you really want to change one single thing in the CALS table
>definition *just* because it's more natural ? Do you really want to remove a
>full compatibility with existing CALS documents *just* for this difference ???
>The game is not worth the candle..

Good point, it's not that serious of an issue to me to justify any more
Next subject please...

- Bernie

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