Re: progress on HTML 2.0 reconstruction

Maurizio Codogno (
Fri, 31 Mar 95 10:32:07 EST

Francois Yergeau <> says:

% Clarity
% never hurts: you wouldn't believe the number of people I run in who
% insist that entities *must* be used, that plain and simple ISO-Latin-1
% is illegal in HTML.

Speaking of which, why I see many &copy; in the pages? Is it a mozilla

% >I believe the WG decided on the interpretation:
% >
% > The character octet references are not dependent on the character
% > set encoding of the document. For example, "&#215;" always represents
% > the ISO-8859-1 multiply sign, even when the document's declared
% > character set is other than ISO-8859-1.

% Consider the case where I receive a document encoded in ISO-Cyrillic.
% I believe (wrongly?) that simply changing the second BASESET statement
% in the SGML declaration to refer to "Right part of ISO-Cyrillic" or
% some such would make the document fully conformant w/r to that
% modified DTD, provided numerical character references are interpreted
% according to the ISO-Cyrillic encoding, which happens to preserve the
% important entities declared in "Character mnemonic entities". So
% insisting on a Latin-1 interpretation appears to be insisting on SGML
% non-conformance.

I personally stand for non conformance in this case - after all, I would
like to be sure that the numeric entities represent a character even if
someone changes the interpretation of the text (of course, this is the
case of ISO-8859-2 and above, not of strange charsets).

ciao, .mau.