Re: HTML/SGML/charsets

Eric W. Sink (
Fri, 31 Mar 95 15:24:16 EST

>WHAT IS THE PERCEIVED CONFLICT? If you spell out the technical details
>of the perceived conflict, I am confident that I can dispell the perception.

Ooops, I'm now in the wrong seat on this one. I'm not the one perceiving a
technical conflict, Terry Allen is. Read his first email message from
earlier today ("HTML/SGML/charsets"). I just perceive a lack of consensus
on something I thought we had agreed on.

I *think* the perceived technical conflict is:

What if you receive a document which has a BASESET specification of one
character set, and also:

text/html; charset=somethingelse?

I'm not really the person to spell out technical details on this particular
issue. I just want to know why Dan Connolly and Terry Allen, (both being
people who know more about SGML than I), don't agree on this issue.

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