Re: HTML 2.0 reconstruction done

Eric Bina (
Fri, 31 Mar 95 15:14:07 EST

murray@sco.COM says:
> You may choose to ignore the SGML standard. That is your right.
> User agents are free to do whatever they want, this
> working group is not responsible for creating a spec
> for HTML user agents.

What exactly is the working group creating a spec for then, and who do they
think they are creating it for?

I thought this group was originally created as an IETF group to turn HTML
into a standard to be used by internet user agents. Cetainly most of the
messages written lately look like this is a group whose task is to load
HTML down with as much SGML legalisms as possible so that any implementation
of it will be so slow as to be unacceptable for use by internet user agents,
and impossible to understand by anyone who hasn't bought a full SGML
editing environment.