Re: HTML Character Representation/Transmission Model

Lou Montulli (
Tue, 11 Apr 95 16:19:05 EDT

On Apr 11, 11:52am, lilley wrote:
> > The default character set must remain 8859-1 and numeric character
> > references must continue to map to 8859-1, this has been the
> > default since the creation of HTML and must continue to be the default.
> Lou, I think I hear you saying there must be no nasty surprises and
> numeric character references must continue to give the same printed
> characters they did before?
> Which, I gather, would be the situation if numeric character references
> were to refer to 10646 because all characters in Latin-1 have exactly
> the same code positions in Latin-1 and 10646, by design.
> So, a change to the wording which had precisely no effect on current
> documents but set us up better for the future would be a worthwhile
> change, no?

If 10646 is a superset of 8859-1 and legacy numeric character references will
continue to work then I fully support this proposal.


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