Re: HTML Character Representation/Transmission Model

Lou Montulli (
Tue, 11 Apr 95 16:34:47 EDT

On Apr 11, 11:47am, Larry Masinter wrote:
> Subject: Re: HTML Character Representation/Transmission Model
> > I agree with you up to the point of the specific universal character set.
> > The default character set must remain 8859-1 and numeric character
> > references must continue to map to 8859-1, this has been the
> > default since the creation of HTML and must continue to be the default.
> I believe 10646 is a superset of 8859-1, and old references would
> still mean the same thing. Does that modify your objection in any way?
>-- End of excerpt from Larry Masinter

Yes, I completely remove my objection now that I better understand the
relationship between 10646 and 8859-1.


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