Re: Vendors taking SGML seriously

Glenn Adams (
Thu, 13 Apr 95 15:59:06 EDT

>- Terminating symbolic character references ("&XXXX;") with
> whitespace instead of ";"

I think this is legal (though I can't quite remember the details).

Yes, this is legal, e.g.,

<B>foo bar &baz</B>
<B>foo bar &#123</B>

See clause 9.4.5 "Reference End" of ISO 8879:

[61] reference end = ( refc | RE ) ?

NOTE - ending a reference with an RE has the effect of suppressing
the record end.

The refc or RE can be omitted only if the reference is not followed
by a character that could occur in the reference, or by a character
that could be interpreted as the omitted reference end.