Re: REL and REV attributes (Was: More comments on HTML 3.0)

Dave Raggett (
Fri, 28 Apr 95 05:46:18 EDT

> Previous and next already have keywords specified in HTML 3.0 draft.
> Go to top could be -- in some interpretations -- equivalent to "parent".
> But it might be useful to have a "top" keyword.

The HTML3 spec proposes "Home" for the top of some hierarchy, but
maybe "Top" would avoid clashing with the User's own home page.

> Can we start a canonical list?


> TOP Beginning of the current [long?] document?
> Logical top of the tree of which the current document
> is a branch?

> BACK Previous (logical) document, ie up one step in the
> tree

This doesn't need to be specified in the document unless the browser ISN'T
in a position to work out where BACK should move to. I therefore didn't
include it in the HTML3 proposal.

> FORWARD Next (logical) document, ie down one step in the tree

Explaining the difference between FORWARD as currently implemented and
NEXT as in hypertext guided tours and MS Windows Help is tricky. FORWARD
is related to the history stack while NEXT is defined by the author.
Can anyone offer a concise and clear description for me to use?

> AUTHOR [Principal] person who wrote the current document

> FUNDER :-)

> OWNER [Principal] person responsible for this document
> being here

>> From HTML3:

> HOME User's home page? Needed? Seeing as all browsers
> implement this in their own functions anyway

> TOC These all have well-defined uses

For the next revision to the HTML3 I-D, I want to add ABSTRACT and URC
for a link to meta info in a resource catalog entry.

We could add DISCLAIMER, and perhaps something for content labeling?

> UP (and presumably DOWN?)

DOWN is handled via PREV/NEXT and BOOKMARK. Otherwise, DOWN is better
handled via hypertext links in the body of the document.


For hypertext guided tours. REL=Node and REL=Path can be used to define
implicit <LINK REL=PREVIOUS>, <LINK REL=NEXT>, as per Bert Bos's suggestion.

> HELP Valuable. Way to link to author-provided help.

This is intended for re-orienting users rather than amplifying the
document's topic.

> BOOKMARK See comment under HOME

BOOKMARK provides for a menu of convenience links that authors think
will be useful to readers. It doesn't provide hierarchical bookmarks
unlike Adobe's PDF.

Should we try to add support for hierarchical bookmark menus?

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