Re: ISO/IEC 10646 as Document Character Set

Fri, 28 Apr 95 16:57:49 EDT

[Albert Lunde:]

| At 1:09 PM 4/28/95, Jon_Bosak@Novell.COM wrote:
| >> >Some discussion about using 10646 as the standard document
| >> >character set has occurred. I and others have supported this
| >> >position. I have not seen any strong objections to such a
| >>
| >> I think this is at least the second call to action in the last
| >> week. First I, then Murray, and now Glenn have all asked that this
| >> issue be resolved. I think my proposal is reasonable for HTML,
| >> let's get it into the spec. I will do the editorial legwork if
| >> necessary.
| >
| >Yes, and if this gets rolling, we should aim to include it with tables
| >in the 2.1 delta.
| I was under the impression we needed this (10646 as the standard document
| character set) for 2.0 in some form to resolve the question of numeric
| character references, or else we needed to remove some language about other
| charsets and make 2.0 talk about Latin-1 only.
| (I'm basing this on the response we got from SGML folks a few weeks back,
| that raised the importance of resolving this issue.)

I was assuming from recent comments about 2.0 being frozen that it was
too late for that. If it's still possible to get this into 2.0, then
I would certainly be in favor of doing so.


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