Re: color text?

Tim Pierce (
Mon, 1 May 95 18:35:36 EDT

> > Not much difference. However, the above example shows just about
> > all you can do with the BODY attributes, while style sheets will give
> > the web much more expressive power:
> Except with the STYLE tag, an older browser will display
> font.color=#FFF; back.color=#000
> At the top of the document, not very backwards compatible.

Depends on what you mean by "backwards compatible." Older
browsers represent the "©" entity as "©", but that
hasn't stopped newer browsers from implementing it. Nor
should it, although it raises some very, very interesting
questions about whether © represents an official
copyright notice. Older browsers ignore tags such as <BODY
BACKGROUND>, which is to say, they represent them as a
uniform grey or beige background. In the grand scheme of
things, backwards compatibility is often something of a
give-and-take issue, and if style sheets can prove their
worth, I think that such a small backwards-incompatibility
is permissible.