Re: color text?

Christian Mogensen (mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU)
Mon, 1 May 95 18:58:07 EDT

Tim Pierce writes:
>In the grand scheme of
>things, backwards compatibility is often something of a
>give-and-take issue, and if style sheets can prove their
>worth, I think that such a small backwards-incompatibility
>is permissible.

To quote Jef Raskin for a moment:
"Any time 'backwards-compatibility' is given as a reason for doing something,
you may ignore the word 'compatibility'."

There are two things that make the <STYLE> work:
Documents with <STYLE> will presumably be tagged as text/html; version=3.0
and therefore be saved to disk by these old-style browsers.
New browsers (Netscape 2.0?) render it correctly.

The other approach is to use <LINK>, so that there is nothing in <HEAD> with
content, other than <TITLE>.
<HEAD><TITLE>...</TITLE><LINK HREF="/foo.css" REL="style">

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