Re: color text?

Tim Pierce (
Mon, 1 May 95 20:41:26 EDT

Corp Reed <> said:

> >>>>> "EB" == Eric Bina <> writes:
> EB> Seems to me, if everyone who wants to have customized funky colors
> EB> on their home page has their own style-sheet, then the style-sheet
> EB> above usually will NOT be in my cache.
> However, if instead of doing funky colors on a home page, you are
> presenting a series of documents with internally consistent styles,
> cached style sheets would seem to be a more effective way of doing it.

Both more effective and more efficient from the information
provider's point of view: authors who wish to modify the
styles slightly at a later time need make only one change to
the master style sheet, rather than iteratively modifying
the target documents.

If earlier browsers didn't support relative paths in links
or inlined images, would we be arguing over whether to
introduce them at a later time?

> Giving a non-random example, <URL:>, each
> of those 3 journals on the printed page have a distinct 'style' which
> style-sheets can recreate and all the documents for a particular
> journal use the same style sheet. Having those style sheets cached
> would probably be of benefit.

Agreed. Granted that individual standalone documents and
personal web pages won't benefit from having style sheets as
an external link, but I hardly think that those are the
cases that should decide the future of the technology.
They've already done enough of that.