Re: keyword tag?

Dirk Herr-Hoyman (
Tue, 2 May 95 08:18:48 EDT

At 9:15 AM 5/2/95, Dave Raggett wrote:

>This could be done using META. However, I am experimenting with using
>an INDEX attribute on elements in the document BODY together with
>DFN for the first instance of a term. The INDEX attribute is used
>to define how the element is to appear in an index and supports
>hierarchical indexes via a syntactic convention using "::" to separate
>each level in the hierarchy. I want to use this to index the HTML3
>specification to increase the effectiveness of the Internet Draft.

Dave, I'd like to follow up on this a bit, in lieu of the recent
discussions on REV/REL. How does the INDEX attribute fit into the REV/REL

At 1st blush, it would seem like a 2 pass mechanism might be useful, where
you first go thru and identify the INDEX attributes and then go back and
add anchors with the appropriate REV attibute (this anchor is pointed to by
the index). Certainly you wouldn't want a human doing this, it needs to be

I suppose you could make the same argument for a TOC attribute.

How are you handling this in the HTML3 document?

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