Re: html 3.0 - banners ok - where is the trailer?

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Tue, 2 May 95 09:25:56 EDT

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> > I would like to have both a "header" and a "footer", that is a
> > fixed part at the top and bottom. Can I specify two "BANNER"s
> > with different class attributes so that one is displayed at the top
> > and one at the bottom?
> The current DTD in the HTML3 I-D allows you one <BANNER> element
> and multiple <LINK REL=Banner HREF=banner.html> elements. It would be
> an easy matter to allow multiple <BANNER> elements at the start of
> the document <BODY> though.

Just a few random comments...

Permitted Context: the start of the BODY element
Content Model: %Body.Content"

A banner restricted to this model is pretty easy to implement, but if you
allow them to be tossed all over a document, it could start getting very
/interesting/ to implement. Multiple banners in a series are fine, but I can
see people putting huge blocks of text between banners and somehow expect new
static regions to be created as one scrolls through the document.

With the "footer" tag, would one expect the the footer region to be created
when the bottom of the document is reached or should it pop into view when the
text is parsed by the browser? Certainly anything is possible, but it is easy
to create ambiguities with such a mechanism...


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