Re: html 3.0 - banners ok - where is the trailer?

lilley (
Wed, 3 May 95 10:35:59 EDT

Dave Saunders:

> [Someone]

> > The current DTD in the HTML3 I-D allows you one <BANNER> element
> > and multiple <LINK REL=Banner HREF=banner.html> elements. It would be
> > an easy matter to allow multiple <BANNER> elements at the start of
> > the document <BODY> though.

> "Banners
> Permitted Context: the start of the BODY element
> Content Model: %Body.Content"
> A banner restricted to this model is pretty easy to implement, but if you
> allow them to be tossed all over a document, it could start getting very
> /interesting/ to implement. Multiple banners in a series are fine, but I can
> see people putting huge blocks of text between banners and somehow expect new
> static regions to be created as one scrolls through the document.

This could be solved by inventing a new container for banners, like this:

<!doctype stuff>
<banner class-whatever>bar</banner>
and so on

and requiring that static precedes all bodies, just as head precedes body now.
Something like

<!ENTITY % html.content "HEAD, STATIC, BODY">

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