html 3.0 - banners ok - where is the trailer?
Sat, 29 Apr 95 06:13:00 EDT

In the draft-ietf-html-specv3-00.txt
there is the possibility to have a "banner". Either through
the LINK or the BANNER tag.

This is very nice and much wanted, but it is also very common to have
a trailer (or footer) at the end of each page also with thinks like those
used in the banner.

I think it would be very nice to add a trailer too.
Works just like the "banner". Is a part of the screen in a browser at the
bottom of the page, that is always visible and does not scroll with the
rest of the document that is visible between the banner and the trailer.
Just add a <LINK REL=trailer> or a <TRAILER> tag.
A html document could then have the following structure:
.. .. ... .. This should make the use of banners and trailers much nice and add very little extra work for browser developers. The work for banner can be used for the trailer too. Dan -- Dan Oscarsson Telia Research AB Email: Box 85 201 20 Malmo, Sweden