Re: color text?

Gavin Nicol (
Wed, 3 May 95 18:23:58 EDT

>> you're really concerned with the reader not having to wait before
>> content shows up on the screen, why aren't you eagerly defending the
>> LINK way of referring to a style sheet? If the browser doesn't happen
>> to have the style sheet cached (I think it will more often than not),
>> it can fetch it after displaying the content.
>I think that having a cached style sheet will happen extremely rarely
>since almost every site and probably almost every different document
>on most sites will use a different style sheet. In those cases
>it is far better to embed the style information directly in the
>document. We need to allow for both.

I really don't think this will be the case. The most common case will
be that a user gets some HTML, and uses his local stylesheets for
display purposes. In the cases you mention, it is probably better to
send PDF (aren't you guys working on this anyway? ;-)), or perhaps
RTF (no, I'm not really serious).

I for one, would be most unhappy if I had to download style
information along with every document I retrieved.

><BODY = helvetica; = bold; font.color = #000>

Please give me a list of all formatting attributes that will ever be

The above goes against a fundamental tenet of SGML (and after a long
painful period of debate, HTML), which is that the data should be as
independent as possible from style information.