text in the <HR> tag

Philip Trauring (philip@cs.brandeis.edu)
Fri, 5 May 95 00:30:44 EDT

I'd like to propose that the ability to add text to a horizontal rule <HR>
be added to HTML. Perhaps adding text="this is the text" and
aligntext=left|center|right as setting to the <HR> tag. This would make
marking of sections of a document much easier as dividers could take up
only one line instead of the three you need now: the <HR> tag, the text,
and the <P> tage to separate the text from the section. I suppose it's
debatable how the text should appear, whether or not it is normal text or
some kind of embossed text to match the line, and whether or not the line
shows up in spaces. Also, how does the text appear when the HR is a loaded
graphic? I suppose this changes the content model of the tag, so how does
one propose a change like this? What do people think?

Philip Trauring

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