Re: Style/content separation (was: color text?)

Dave Hollander (
Fri, 5 May 95 19:06:25 EDT

Bruce, I will add my $0.02 to yours. After years of working with
presentational formatting, creating the DTDs at use at HP was a pleasure.
I am dreading the day when I need to go back and reinvent the wheel
to deal with the grief caused by the willy-nilly procedural formats and
elements I see comming.

And yes Lou, SGML *can* be used for both formatting and presentational
markup. I wrote SDL (Semantic Delivery Language) to explore the difference
between procedural formatting and presentational semantics. And yes there
is a real pratical difference that has saved us lots of dollars.

The power and flexibility Terry mentions:
"Viewing the text as structured, and layering the rendering
info on top of the structure, is more powerful and flexible
than packed both into a single representation."
can save the industry a lot of effort and help us focus the efforts
and advancing web, not just reformatting everything every time a new
format is intorduced by the newest browser.


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