Re: Displaying HEAD info

Mike Meyer (
Fri, 12 May 95 01:26:29 EDT

> > But I think it SHOULD be viewable by the user, _IF_ they want to see it.
> > If it is worth including, it is worth ensuring that the *human* can
> > easily view it, in addition to the *browser*. The current standard
> > does not _ensure_ that.
> I'm opposed to the standard taking a position on this point.

I'm also opposed, for two reasons that Dave didn't mention:

1) I can conceive of situations where the browser may be throwing
away the text as it renders/presents it.

2) This seems like a quality of implementation issue. If you want a
browser that lets you view the <HEAD>, make sure the one you use does.

The next question that comes up is - do you have something in mind for
which such an ability is required?

> What next ? Show the http headers? Include a trace of the TCP/IP
> traffic? Etc.

Don't laugh to hard. There's at least one browser out there that can
be configured to show the HTTP headers at the end of a document. I
leave that feature turned on, and would be happier if all browsers had
this facility, but I don't think it belongs in the standard.