Re: Displaying HEAD info

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Fri, 12 May 95 09:53:23 EDT

Let me make it easy for everyone who has an opinion
on this matter....

The HTML specification does not, will not, cannot
mandate any behaviour by a user agent. Period.

If you would like to make suggestions to the developers
of user agents, please mail them directly and don't
clutter this list with your opinions on what browsers
should and should not do for you. We are working on
a language here. That work has ramifications and implications
for browser developers, but we have no ultimate authority.

> On Thu, 11 May 1995, Michael J Hannah wrote:
> > But I think it SHOULD be viewable by the user, _IF_ they want to see it.
> > If it is worth including, it is worth ensuring that the *human* can
> > easily view it, in addition to the *browser*. The current standard
> > does not _ensure_ that.
> I'm opposed to the standard taking a position on this point. Enough
> browsers support 'view source' to offer users an alternative. The
> standard already has enough difficulty coming to closure on rendering
> issues for the <body>. With all the proposals for additional material
> in the <head> attempting to suggest how to display it to users adds
> a dimension to each proposed addition we don't need to fuss about.
> A user smart enough to understand the <head> can surely visually
> parse to stop reading at the </head> tag. If not choose a browser
> which supports an external viewer for the source which is then
> a programmable editor ...
> What next ? Show the http headers? Include a trace of the TCP/IP
> traffic? Etc.
> Dave Morris