Re: Revised language on: ISO/IEC 10646 -- another proposal

Terry Allen (
Fri, 12 May 95 10:34:46 EDT

Albert writes:
| > ...
| > >On the other hand, it allows the construction of document character sets
| > that are supersets and extensions of ISO10646 by adding code position
| > beyond its range or using unused positions.
| >
| > Why is that useful for HTML? doesn't it get us back into the business
| > of shipping around arbitrary SGML decls?
| Or shipping around references to _some_ additional information.

what if not the sdecl?

| I don't claim it's widely useful: I put it in because people seemed
| to want something like this (by the objections to the Dan's language).

I didn't get that impression. Larry mentioned a font in which Xerox's
logo appeared, but he could get at that through an entity (once
we allow internal subsets ... or hijack LINK for the purpose), and
doesn't need it in the charset. Mention was made of 3 Taiwanese
characters, which could be treated similarly.

| Like others I feel that the use of ISO10646 as a document character
| set is a 95% (or better) solution: this just says that people who
| want to try that 5% can do so -- but doesn't promise it will
| be pretty ;)

Allowing that 5% spoils the 95%, so far as I can see. Please,
let's quash this proposal unless someone wants to work out what
the implied SGML decl would be for such a case (and how the client
knows how to construct it) and demonstrates how an SGML parser
would deal with the text of the case.


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