Re: UL & OL: labels

Bert Bos (
Fri, 12 May 95 11:06:35 EDT

Peter Flynn writes:

|Has the LABEL attribute disappeared from UL, OL, DL etc in HTML3 for
|labelling the absence of a DINGBAT or SRC in text browsers? I don't
|see it in the ATTLIST (maybe I need some more sleep :-)

There is no record of why it disappeared.

It isn't needed to describe the DINGBAT. Even a text browser is
supposed to understand the DINGBAT attribute, since it is the name of
an entity.

Maybe ALT should be added as the textual equivalent of SRC, like it is
in IMG, but on the other hand, if the label is so important that it
needs a description, than maybe people shouldn't use an UL, but a DL.


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